2022 Summer Employment Opportunities

Regional Academic Summer School

Rockland BOCES will again offer Regional Academic Summer School during the Summer of 2022. Regional Summer High School course offerings include English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and other areas of instruction, as requested by participating school districts. August Regents exams are offered to all districts, as per NYSED guidelines. If you’re a certified educator interested in teaching or grading in our 2022 Regional Academic Summer School, click here.

Special Education Extended School Year Summer Program

Rockland BOCES offers an intensive, six-week program to students who require an extended school year (12 months). This program continues during the Summer of 2022 with all academic, behavioral, developmental and social needs requirements of a student’s IEP. Related services are provided, as per program model. If you’re a interested in summer employment in our Special Education Extended School Year Summer Program, click here.