Instructional Services & Professional Development for out-of-state educators

ISDOOSwebRockland BOCES offers a robust curriculum development process that aligns the Common Core Standards with localized assessments.

We can provide your faculty with a working knowledge of the Common Core, help them understand the impact of the standards on daily instruction, and assist with integration into your existing curriculum maps, all with a focus on aligning assessment practices.

Our team understands how to ensure success for all students.

 Professional workshops include:

  • Common Core Learning Standards: Workshops are designed to provide participants with a working knowledge of the Common Core and the impact of the standards on daily instruction. We help teachers integrate CCLS into current curriculum maps, while focusing on changes in assessment practices – formative and summative!
  • Data Driven Inquiry: Our work with teachers and leaders is designed to promote school inquiry and
    data-driven instruction and to guide districts in targeting both their resources and expertise to best improve teaching and learning.
  • Teacher & Leader Evaluation: Focus on evidence based observation is aligned with strategies for developing a culture of collaborative accountability through professional conversations.
  • Professional Development for Special Populations: Ensuring that all students reach their potential requires a specialized and differentiated approach for our Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners. Workshops offer practical, research-based strategies for scaffolding and designing instruction and assessments.

Questions & Answers

Why are the services available now?

In the spring of 2012, New York State passed new legislation allowing BOCES to serve schools outside New York in three distinct areas: curriculum development related to the Common Core Standards, career and technical education, and special education. Prior to this legislation, BOCES primarily served schools in New York State.

What makes this curriculum and professional development offering so special?

Rockland BOCES, located 20 miles north of New York City, has been serving some of New York State’s highest performing districts for over 50 years. New York has consistently ranked among the top performing states in Education Week’s “Quality Counts” (3rd in 2013) based on data from six areas of policy and performance. Our programs are rooted in research-based practices and embedded in a philosophy of collaboration.

How is the service delivery structured?

Rockland BOCES will tailor our proven curriculum and instructional development programs to meet your district or school’s individual needs. We can deliver our consultation services and training at either your campus or ours, where we maintain a state-of-the-art professional development center to facilitate face-to-face interactions while containing costs.

Are there any limitations to the service?

Actually, the law does limit the number of out-of-state schools a BOCES can serve. Therefore, time is a concern and early inquiry is advised.