Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School Construction Referendum

On August 9, voters in Rockland County will be asked to approve the construction of a new adaptive pool complex at the Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School in West Nyack.

Your “YES” is a vote for Kaplan students with special needs from all eight component school districts in Rockland County.

At Rockland BOCES, we believe that all children learn in different ways. The adaptive swimming facility planned for Kaplan will offer our exceptional students a unique way of learning and navigating the world around them. The proposed, high-tech therapy and fitness pools are designed to break down barriers, improve confidence, physical fitness, and will teach children with special needs to be safe around water for the rest of their lives.

Everyone benefits from quality educational programs that provide inclusive care.
As the nature and needs of our students become more extensive, Rockland BOCES must provide the latest educational programs, services and facilities to support their optimal growth and development.

Eligibility: All registered voters in Rockland County.

The construction project is 100% funded and represents NO additional cost to taxpayers.

Voting Information:
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
9:00am to 5:00pm
Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School
65 Parrott Road, West Nyack, NY 10994

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we need the capital project?
A. Rockland BOCES must continue to provide our students with the proper facilities and support services they need to lead successful, productive and healthy lives. The program needs and building usage have changed over the years, and our facilities must be updated to allow our programs to continue to meet high standards. Kaplan’s existing indoor swimming pool is over 40 years old and should be replaced to meet the varied needs of our students.

Q. Who benefits from the project?
A. Kaplan students with special needs from all eight component school districts in Rockland County. For children, one of the greatest pleasures is swimming. However, for children with special needs, water play can spark a variety of anxieties and sensory issues. The Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School is home to a number of adaptive water sports programs specifically tailored to children with autism and other special needs, allowing students to learn to swim in a safe, supportive and understanding environment.

Q. How will the project be financed?
A. The Rockland BOCES Board of Education recognizes that the existing Kaplan swimming pool has reached the end of its useful life. A number of years ago, the Board authorized that monies be set aside in anticipation of the day when the pool needed to be replaced. That time has come.

Because the Kaplan swimming pool is a new structure on the Rockland BOCES campus in West Nyack, it is required that the community approve the project via a referendum.

Q. How will my taxes be affected?
A. The construction project is 100% funded and represents NO additional cost to taxpayers. The necessary funds have been set aside for the new pool facility. There will be no additional resources requested from the component school districts in Rockland County and thus no impact to taxpayers.

Q. What will it take to pass the vote?
A. A simple majority of the total votes cast by eligible voters from the eight component Rockland County school districts is needed.

SHALL the BOCES Board be authorized to undertake a capital improvement project, at an estimated cost of $3,917,500, with all such costs to be paid entirely from the already existing General Fund, on the premises of the buildings and facilities located at the BOCES Parrott Road campus, West Nyack, New York, consisting of renovations and improvements to the Kaplan School, the construction of an approximately 8,200 square foot Aquatics Center which replaces the existing deteriorating instructional swimming pool, add a therapeutic pool and a building enclosing the pool and hallways and corridors leading to the aquatic center at the Kaplan School.