Points of Pride

A Kaplan classroom in the Thanksgiving Parade

“Second to None” School Spirit

Rockland BOCES PTAs and Family Resource Center provide extra-curricular activities for all students that are second to none. From Family Fun Nights featuring pot-luck dinners and a multitude of family friendly activities, to occasional visits from the likes of actor Danny Glover, good feelings and a great school spirit thrive here.

Community Partners

The “C” in BOCES is for cooperative, but it could also easily stand for “community” or “collaboration.” It is because of key community partnerships, that we are able to provide quality support systems to our students. Our partners include the Mental Health Association, the Rockland County Department of Mental Health and Foster Grandparents.

The Great Outdoors

Rockland BOCES West Nyack campus features a Fitness Trail, and a labyrinth, as well as a state-of-the-art wheelchair accessible playground. Weather permitting, students are able to enjoy the great outdoors almost every day they’re here.

Community Outreach

Rockland BOCES students have innumerable work-based learning opportunities. Our highly acclaimed annual Career Expo attracts a number of local businesses each year. Transition Consortium workshops also keep families and caregivers well informed about “what’s next” options.

Technology Works

From reading and math programs to augmentative communication for students with multiple disabilities, students are exposed to, and use technology on a daily basis. Rockland BOCES is the first school district in New York State to be approved to submit student work products formulated from the use of the Smartboard.

Well-Read, Well-Trained, and Well-Educated

BOCES students benefit from a variety of academic intervention programs, including Waterford, READ WELL, Read 180, System 44, Wilson Reading and Lexia. BOCES students participate in all New York State Assessments.

Our elementary students demonstrated considerable progress in the NYS Math Assessment, with 59% achieving performance on Level 3 and 4. On the high school level, Rockland BOCES students have an 81% Regents/RCT
passage rate!

Staff members have been trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, a system designed to provide a crisis prevention and intervention model. Staff members are also certified in the Needs of Students with Autism, so that they can in turn provide this certification training throughout the region.