Congratulations to Alina Corona — our Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School “MOVER of the Month” for April!

Alina uses her self-propelled wheelchair to move around her school, and she assists in sit-to-stand transfers from the wheelchair to her classroom chair for lessons. She also uses a ”Sit to Stand” stander during class, which helps improve her upright standing posture, and a gait trainer to move about the school and participate in her physical education activities. In the HydroWorxs aquatic therapy pool, Alina walks on the underwater treadmill to help improve her strength and ambulation skills on land.

“Alina has shown such great progress in her ability to move around the school and in and out of the classroom. She’s been working on endurance, stamina and muscle strength as part of the MOVE™ program. I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments,” notes Physical Therapist Anne Elton. 

Kaplan’s MOVE™ (Mobility Opportunities via Education) program combines therapy and education to teach children with physical disabilities and complex needs the functional skills of sitting, standing and walking. MOVE™ aims to give children an opportunity to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Every child deserves the right to MOVE™.

Contact the Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School at (845) 627-4797 to learn how MOVE™ can help someone in your life.