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Out-of-State Students & Educators

New York State legislation allows educational service agencies in New York (known as “BOCES”) to open their special education, career and technical and instructional services and professional development programs to out-of-state students and educators.

Career & Technical Education


Kim Bell, Director of Career and Technical Education
(845) 627-4772

Rockland BOCES Career and Technical Education programs provide students with the opportunity to graduate high school with college credits, technical experience, professional skills and industry certifications in high-skill, high-demand fields.

  • 11th- and 12th-grade students can enroll in Career and Technical Education programs
  • Career Services Programs are offered to students with special needs in grades 9-12
  • Programs are half-day and carry high-school credit
  • Students can earn industry certifications and up to 11 college credits

Hudson Valley P-TECH


Daniel Kaplan, Principal
(845) 580-1455

Hudson Valley P-TECH is an integrated, six-year STEM program that offers a rigorous academic curriculum, targeted technical training and comprehensive workplace learning in a dynamic, project-based learning environment.

  • Students apply to P-TECH during the spring of 8th grade for admission to the incoming freshman class
  • Areas of study are: Computer Information Technology, Engineering and Green Building Technology and Management
  • P-TECH students participate in one-to-one professional mentoring and career-related internships
  • Students graduate with an associate degree at no cost to their families

Special Education


Christine Ditrano, Psy. D., Director of Student Services
(845) 627-4790

Our Student Services Division is committed to providing the best programs for each child and family served. Using a team approach, our trained staff assists students with learning, physical, emotional, social and/or behavioral challenges by providing a wide range of programs and services, including academic instruction, social interventions and extensive community support.

  • Students with social/emotional challenges and developmental disabilities benefit from over 40 services
  • Exceptional instructional and assistive technologies help students realize performance outcomes that exceed our region’s average for students with disabilities
  • Offerings include social communication development classes, therapeutic support programs, Comprehensive Application of Applied Behavior Analysis to Schooling (CABAS) and Community Occupational Vocational Education
  • Services are enriched through longterm relationships with a number of leading universities

Curriculum and Professional Development


Amy Albers, Ed.D., Chief Operating Officer/Deputy District Superintendent
(845) 627-4701

Programs and services provide quality professional development for teachers and administrators. Our focus is on direct instruction and staff development.

  • A robust curriculum development process that aligns the Common Core Standards with localized assessments
  • Expertise in the use of data inquiry, as well as implementation of teacher and leader evaluation systems
  • Effective instructional practices for students with disabilities and English as New Learners, utilizing 21st century learning
  • Expertise in creating student-centered, highly effective classrooms
  • Onsite professional development tailored to specific needs of districts/schools