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Supply List 2021-22

Personal Supplies (to be carried by students):
Headphones or earbuds (must plug into a Chromebook)
1”, three-ring binder (one each for Math, English, Science and Social Studies; to be stored in the classroom)
Pack of divider tabs
College-ruled, loose-leaf paper
8 pocket folders (two per class)
One, 3-5 subject spiral notebook (for Earth Science or Living Environment)
Colored pencils (for Earth Science or Living Environment)
#2 Ticonderoga pencils and pens
1 pack of assorted, colored highlighters
12″ metal or plastic ruler (for Math)
Spiral, perforated sketchbook (multi-media is preferable) 9×12 (for Art)
Sharpies: Black fine tip (2) and colors of your choice. Option: you may select any other permanent markers you prefer (for Art)
Personal hand sanitizer
Mask or facial covering

Community Supplies/Optional (to be shared by all classrooms and dropped off in the main office):
Pens (red, blue and black)
1 pack colored index cards
3”x3” Post-it notes 
3”x5” multicolor-ruled index cards (100 pack)
1 box of Kleenex
Antibacterial wipes
Trifold poster board
Poster paints
Graph paper, pipe cleaners, duct tape and glue sticks