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Prospective Students & Parents

Is P-TECH right for you?

Following are answers to prospective students’ and parents’ frequently asked questions about P-TECH:

How does P-TECH work?
  • P-TECH is a six-year, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program, which begins in Grade 9 and offers a rigourous academic curriculum, targeted technical training and comprehensive workplace learning

    Students earn their high school diploma and an Associate degree AT NO COST

  • P-TECH features an intimate and dynamic, project based learning environment

  • Students work with local business partners through mentorships, internships and apprenticeships to acquire
    the skills they need to maximize their employability

  • Business partners commit to giving P-TECH grads priority over other candidates for interviews and entry-level jobs

What type of students are best suited for P-TECH?
  • Incoming ninth-graders
  • Capable, but underachieving students who would benefit from a dynamic, hands-on learning environment
  • Students who are able to collaborate in a respectful way with peers
  • Those whose college and career aspirations are at risk because they are not performing to their full potential in their current school
  • Focused students who are interested in STEM
What does a typical school day look like?

School hours are 7:45am-3:45pm, Monday through Friday.

P-TECH features “real world,” project based learning opportunities for students to work both in teams and on their own. The daily schedule is more flexible than a traditional school environment, with field trips, guest speakers and mentor visits that directly connect to what students are learning in the classroom.

What kind of internships are available?

Mentorships begin in ninth-grade; formal, work-based learning internships with business partners begin in grade 11.

What does “extended school year” mean?

P-TECH’s school calendar generally follows the South Orangetown Central School District calendar.
However, the P-TECH school year also includes a two-week summer program for returning students and a one-week orientation for new students.

Is transportation provided?

Yes. Home school districts provide transportation to P-TECH. Students may also drive with permission from their parent/guardian and the P-TECH principal.

Can students participate in sports, clubs or other extracurricular activities?

Some students have been successful in making arrangements to participate in afterschool sports and activities in their home districts after their P-TECH school day.

How do I apply to P-TECH?

Students apply to P-TECH in the spring of eighth grade for admission to the incoming freshman class.

Applications must be submitted through your child’s home school guidance department. Click here to view a downloadable application for the 2015-16 school year.

NOTE: The application deadline for 2015-16 is March 27, 2015.

What if I have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan?

P-TECH is not a special education program. However, any student with an IEP or 504 Plan whose goals or accommodations can be met at P-TECH is welcome to apply. Determination will be made in collaboration with the student’s home school district.

Can older students transfer to P-TECH?

In certain cases, ninth-graders may be able to transfer to P-TECH at the start of the school year with arrangements made through their home school.

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